Wouldn’t it be great if you could try out a number of floors in your own home before you finally make a decision? With Quick-Step RoomViewer you can! This intuitive tool lets you virtually preview floors and decide whether a lighter or darker choice fits your interior better, as well as contemplate the effect of different installation directions.

When shopping for floors, the easiest things to tick off are practical concerns. Does my floor have to be water resistant? Will there be a lot of traffic in that area? How much maintenance and cleaning am I willing to put up with? But when it comes to looks, the choice is often much more difficult.

Helping you make a decision

The Quick-Step RoomViewer guides users in making a final decision with the following features:

• Users can simply upload pictures of their room or take a new one with their smartphone or tablet.
• They can compare two floors side by side in the same interior.
• Thanks to the realistic, high resolution and zoom capabilities, users can scrutinise every detail before they decide.
• With a simple click, users can access more floor information and even place an order.

More tools to help you decide

RoomViewer is just one of the online tools Quick-Step provides to help users with their purchase decisions. For users who are still at the start of their journeys, FloorExplorer offers a great way to learn which floors suit your particular style and practical needs. Based on your answers to five basic questions (room, look, colour, top requirements, etc.), the tool suggests a selection of floors from the vast Quick-Step collection.

While RoomViewer offers a great way to visualise floors and help narrow down your choice, Quick-Step also offers a quick and easy sample service. By ordering a sample, you can get personally acquainted with your choices floors before making a final decision. And finally, of course, there’s the Quick-Step web shop, where you can find detailed info on every flooring option, make easy comparisons, and order the floor of your dreams with just a few clicks.

Explore the all-new RoomViewer, FloorExplorer and the Quick-Step web shop at www.quick-step.co.uk.