Our world is constantly changing. Technological innovations are succeeding one another at a swift pace and the role of devices in our lives is bigger than ever. At the same time, the desire to escape this technological jungle is growing. We want to create a place for ourselves where we can enjoy both simplicity and tranquility. Besides stepping out and finding peace in nature, we can also invite the wilderness into our homes in the form of exotic plants, tropical prints and ethnic touches. Escape into the exotic!

It’s no secret that interior design takes its cues from the runways, and this year, we’ve seen the big fashion designers experiment with all things tropical. While exotic prints might conjure up images of loud tourists in Hawaiian shirts, they are anything but kitsch these days.

Does your interior also need a bit of brightening up? There’s no better way for your space to blossom than by welcoming nature into your home by adding plants or botanical prints. But it’s not just all about the wild and wonderful foliage of the tropics. Add some ethnic elements to transform your house into a real ‘jungalow’, as LA-based designer and blogger Justina Blakeney calls it: striking souvenirs from far-off countries, geometrical patterns in vibrant colours or black and white, ornaments and furniture in natural materials such as rattan, bamboo or wicker and wallpapers bursting with wild cats or colourful birds.

Let your imagination run free and bring this indoor-outdoor look home.

Add the real deal

Plants are perfect for adding colour and interest to a room, acting as living sculptures in your interior. They instantly change the atmosphere and make your décor feel complete. It’s an easy way to add colour and bring real elements of outdoor life into your indoor refuge.

Nature offers various types of colourful tropical plants that blend together nicely with each other. From towering trees to densely packed succulents, your imagination is the only limit. If you, like so many, can’t manage to keep plants from withering after a few months, vines are what you need: they are nearly impossible to kill.

Sprouting with style

Is your thumb every colour but green? Let plants weave themselves into your home with bold wallpaper. The wide variety of patterns available can transform a plain room into a tropical paradise: from quirky, cartoon-feel pineapples to dramatic, sophisticated vegetation. Too much for you? Opt for some artwork with leaves for a subtler look.

Don’t get lost in the jungle, though. By overdoing on the leaf prints, you risk to create an unimaginative, unwelcoming space. While mixing colours and textures is often second nature for design enthusiasts, adding layers of patterns can be a bit more complex. Try switching it up by giving extraordinary discoveries and souvenirs from exotic destinations prominent places. Their beautiful geometrics and pure materials perfectly complement the organic forms of natural elements. Even more, we haven’t even touched yet on the dynamic effects that you can get by matching the colours of the jungle with ethnic prints. A simple way of achieving this is to toss in a patterned rug or dress up your throw pillows with cases textured with ethnically inspired designs.

Go for natural materials to complete the picture

Your interior isn’t complete without a harmonious floor. In order for your home to transform fully into your jungle of escape, complete the landscape with natural materials. Think of materials like rattan, (tropical) wood, cork and bamboo. If you’re looking to give your room an extra edgy element, a marble or leather look will do the trick.

Opt for a hardwood floor to bring nature & authenticity into your home. Looking for something a little easier to maintain? Luxury vinyl or laminate are perfect ‘imitation’ alternatives. Both types of floors effortlessly combine a traditional look and feel with user-friendliness and are very wear-resilient. In other words: you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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